1. This striking triple row, pavé set diamond eternity ring set in Platinum is guaranteed to catch the light and sparkle forever.

2. This exquisite diamond eternity ring features diamonds hand-set in a unique and low-profile platinum setting.
3. Maximum sparkle is what to expect from the series of brilliant baguette diamonds presented end to end in this special channel setting on a band of platinum. A perfect match with stock number 71087.

Gem Gossip Visits Love Adorned in NYC

My first feature I ever did on Love Adorned was an interview conducted in-person via my friend Brooke who happened to be visiting NYC. She was nice enough to scope out the store for me while I wished it was actually me visiting. That was back in 2013. Since then, I’ve continued to be a huge fan, with owner Lori Leven doing an Instagram takeover while in Tucson one year and myself closely following along with the latest happenings from afar. I finally visited in January of 2014 during a quick trip to NYC for the Gem Awards! I had only a few hours in NYC before I had to catch a plane home and immediately knew I wanted to check out Love Adorned.

Love Adorned is one of those epic stores — one that you plan a trip to NYC just so you can visit, one that has so many beautiful things your heart just races the whole time. I was delighted to get to visit again for a third time, only this time fully documenting it all to share in my #JewelryRoadTrip project. I was greeted by Felicity, as Lori and her trusty sidekick Bird were in LA (there are three locations: NYC, LA, & Amagansett). As you can see, the interior is just as artistic as the designers that are carried at the store. From the floating cloud installation in the back, to the global influence of the decor…even the preserved flower station that you see upon entering. It is like traveling to several different continents through one set of doors.

With over 2000 pieces of jewelry available at their Nolita store alone, I was in for a real treat. It was hard to decide what to photograph because I loved it all. Lori is well-known for her skill of discovering new jewelry design talent–people that handcraft their creations and take pride in their unique aesthetic. If you’re marching to the beat of your own drum, you belong at Love Adorned! Designers like Little H, Anthony Lent, Page Sargisson, Scosha, Fraser Hamilton, and Baker & Black among others fills the jewelry cabinets of the store. I always learn of a designer I’ve never heard of before but am blown away by their work whenever I visit, this time it was Carla Maxine. She is a young female designer based out of Australia that does amazing things with opals, tourmalines and diamonds. This opal hybrid ring took the cake for me.

Not only will you find an eclectic mix of jewelry designers, but lots of vintage and antique jewelry as well. An entire case in the middle of the store is filled with vintage jewels from all different time periods and spanning every style. You can find pieces under $100 next to a $10,000 heavy, high karat gold chain. The mix is so fun and the pieces are one-of-a-kind, so falling in love and being tempted to buy is even more heightened. I love the vintage jean jacket styled with sterling silver pins displayed in the vintage case, along with a tray filled with sand where the antique rings are housed. The jewelry is creatively displayed and which makes it even more fun.

The newest addition to Love Adorned is their full-time piercing studio which was carved out in the far right corner of the store. It is its own little private oasis where you can get professionally pierced by some of the best in the biz, as well as choose from the best piercing studs in the game. There’s a whole section of gold studs with so many styles to pick from — as well as other body piercing jewelry. It is a one-stop shop when it comes to piercing and if you see Felicity there, take a peek at her ears for some serious inspiration! She has some really neat piercings.

I had such a fun time visiting Love Adorned; special thanks to Felicity for taking the time and helping me with all the jewelry. Thanks Lori as well — you might have not been there physically, but your presence is felt and I hope to see you very soon!

2019 Gold Jewelry Trends with May Is Gold Month

I’m excited to partner again with May Is Gold Month, with our partnership now totaling six years in a row!  Throughout the past year, I’ve been hoarding some new karat gold finds, only to reveal them here and now with these gold trend reports. I’m so excited to talk all things gold every week and get everyone to participate in showing me their gold. I hope you’ve been inspired by last year’s gold talks and have branched out or tried something new because of it. I know at least for me, it got me thinking of which categories I’d like to add more pieces to, and if you compare last year’s trend roundup with this year’s, you can easily see where I did some major expanding.

This past year, I’ve added lots of new karat gold necklaces to my jewelry wardrobe and this has a lot to do with what has been going on in my life — being pregnant! Necklaces have been the easiest to wear for me, as most of my rings don’t currently fit! It also helps that necklace layering has really taken off as a leading trend since last year. Everyone wants that perfect neck mess! So I’ll be looking forward to that week!

With each week during May Is Gold Month, I’ll showcase and discuss the weekly trend by sharing what it is and give a few pointers on how you can style pieces within each trend category. May Is Gold Month will also provide some “gold deals” on pieces of gold jewelry from each trend category from retailers they’ve partnered with from the jewelry industry. So be sure you’re following along with May is Gold Month on their social media platforms. And we might even have a fun giveaway in store at the very end!

Without further ado, here are this year’s gold jewelry trends from May is Gold Month and ways I’ve styled each one. Let this help you plan your posts over on Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ShowMeYourGold when sharing.