Our lives were guided by our passion for beautiful things, we love sparkling, glinting and shining jewelry. When we finished our studies at UDLAP, we knew right away that we need to do our own shop: our jewelry industry journey began.
We love to collect it and travel around the world to find the best. Since our childhood we adored the jewelry of our parents and wanted to have it. Anyway, everyone has a different focus. Ricardo will mainly write about antique adornments. While Carlin is more into the newest trends and piercings. Pierre is always searching for the best wristwatches and prefers Rolex. Antonin, Julian and Anna will try to keep you updated about everything that happens in the world of jewelry and write about the best gossip.
Anyway, you can also buy the best pieces on our side. So, we can share our passion with you.

Shining dreams,
Pierre, Carlin, Ricardo, Julian, Antonin, Anna